Monday, March 31, 2008


Most of my family and I just returned from a great vacation in Cancun (my oldest daughter, Kristin had to remain home as she has a different break since she is in college).

Our flight home was on Saturday evening. While we were waiting to board, we were told over the PA system that our flight was delayed and it would be departing from a different gate. We began walking toward our new gate when we noticed a bunch of people gathered around someone on the ground.

When we were closer we noticed that some people were beginning to perform CPR on a man who was unconscious. Connie, my wife who is a nurse, immediately dropped her bags and went to his assistance. She didn’t hesitate at all.

As I observed, it was clear that she was an integral part of this man’s care. In addition, she was a great encouragement to his family as she hugged different family members and told them she would be praying for them.

The man began breathing so they put him on a stretcher and rushed him to an ambulance.

We don’t know how the man is faring, but I do know that I learned something from my wife that day. I saw the same thing she saw, someone in need of assistance. However, she acted and I just stood there.

It could have been that I really don’t know CPR and probably would have just been in the way. Or maybe I just didn’t want to be inconvenienced. I hope it is the first reason, but I think there is some of the latter in there as well.

I am very proud of my wife. She showed the love of Christ to people she doesn’t even know. In the process she taught me (and others I’m sure) something. Thanks Con for your great example!


Akinol said...

See please here

Rick said...

Great story, Jim. God's plan to have Connie there at that time. And, as far as acting, for someone like her or me, it's just instinctive in a situation like that. Everyone has their gifts and talents dude. I'll never be as organized or as disciplined as you. Point given?

I hope you had a great and restful vacation with your family, bro!

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Rick for the encouragement (you are good at that by the way!).

Our vacation was great, thanks! I hope you all are well also!