Friday, February 13, 2009


Late yesterday afternoon I was preparing for a talk I was giving at a dinner event a few hours later. I needed to take a break so I decided to make a repair on something which required me to use Super Glue.

However, I could not get the glue out of the tube. Everything I tried was futile, so I decided that I would throw it away. Then I had a great idea...or so I thought.

Since I was going to pitch it, I decided to take a needle and puncture the tube so I could at least get a drop out before throwing it away. So I positioned it over the sink and pierced the container. I had no idea it was going to explode over my hand!

So here I was, frantically trying to wipe up Super Glue in my sink and not even thinking about my hand. My right hand had three fingers firmly stuck together and my left hand had tissues stuck to two fingers from my cleanup efforts. To complicate matters, in the middle of my three stuck fingers was the needle. Boy, does that stuff work well...and fast! I felt very foolish as my son was laughing at me.

I went to my computer and Googled for a solution. I was told that nail polish remover would do the trick. It took a good 30 minutes, but at last I was free (my fingers were a mess but at least they could now operate freely!).

As I drove to the venue for my talk I couldn't help but think of the people I would be speaking to. Had they known what I had just put myself through, they probably would have thought I was the last person they would want to hear from! I know that God wants me to be humble. I also know that I sometimes have a hard time doing that on my own so He needs to occasionally help with the process!


sharilyn said...

great post, jim! thanks for your humility and the laugh! :) (not that i laugh at the misfortunes of others, but...?)

i'm glad you didn't panic and just yank them apart! hooray for google!!

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Sharilyn. You are welcome for the laugh at my expense, I am quite all right with that!

I, too, am thankful for Google in this situation!