Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a Not To Worry

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. Today is my wonderful mother's 70th birthday. My wife and I and my three sisters along with my two brothers-in-law planned a 5 day trip to her favorite place on earth, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. The incredible thing about this is that my mom knew nothing of it until we called her at 2:30 AM while we were on our way to pick her up. She was told to not ask questions, but to simply take a shower. We then arrived and presented her with a new outfit for her to wear (my sisters had done some shopping and purchased clothing for her for the trip which was already packed for her) and off we went for the airport.

She (and we) had a wonderful time and are now almost home. However, the trip to St. Thomas was very eventful with lots of stuff happening at home which had me a bit stressed. There was nothing I could do about it, yet I was stressed. My wife kept trying to encourage me with a statement that my mother used to "encourage" me when I was younger, "It's a not to worry." This is one of her axioms for life even to this day.

Well, everything ended up just fine.

Now let me tell you about our trip home which began around Noon today.

We had arranged for a local taxi driver, whom we had befriended, to take us to the airport. I had asked that we leave for the airport about two and a half hours early; however, he said we didn’t need to leave until one and a half hours before our flight. We compromised and agreed on two hours.

Well, he was late. We found ourselves departing our condo one and a half hours before our flight (I guess he was going to get his way, no matter what!). We then got stuck in traffic and I was anything but peaceful.

When we finally arrived at the airport we had a little less than an hour before our flight departed, or so we thought. When we got to the gate, we saw that our flight had been moved up by fifteen minutes, yikes! So we waited in line and I have to admit, I was a little worried. I knew I could do nothing, yet, peace was not coming to me.

When we got to the counter, they couldn’t find our reservation. After a few minutes of searching the computer, they found us. Then, we had trouble getting through customs and security (we must look like a high risk!). As I was putting my shoes back on, my shoelace broke which slowed me a little further.

When we finally got to the gate, it was five minutes past when our flight was supposed to leave. Thankfully, they held it for us which does not happen often.

I am now sitting in Newark’s airport which we are connecting through to Detroit. Our two hour layover has now turned in to a six hour layover which will put us home sometime around 3:30 or 4 AM. I then need to leave my house two and a half hours later to set up and lead a four hour meeting. Oh well, it’s a not to worry!

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
Matthew 6:34


Chris Cree said...

Jim, That's a good reminder to us that even when things don't go according to our plans, God has a way of taking care of the details and making them work out just fine in the end.

Jim Lange said...

You are right about that Chris. I just wish that God didn't need to remind me like this as often as He does!