Monday, December 28, 2009

Urban Renewal

I must admit before getting started that I am not a fan of the Florida Gators. In fact, I kind of dislike them. It probably stems from the fact that they clobbered my beloved Buckeyes in the national championship game several years ago. I know, I'm a sore loser (and I probably need to get a life).

With that being said, I do respect what they have done. I also respect Urban Meyer, their very successful coach.

This weekend he shocked the college football world by announcing that he was resigning at the age of 45 to take care of his health. Then, within 24 hours, he announced that he will take the offer the university gave him of a sabbatical before returning to the team.

The impression I got from hearing his press conference was that he was burned out. It also appears that it is all or nothing with Meyer and that he clearly works way too much. Some reporters said it was a true 24/7 job with him. This had apparently caught up with him causing him to collapse after this year's SEC Championship Game.

Over his five years at Florida, Meyer has won two national championships and has the highest winning percentage of any active coach--quite impressive. So, this could not have been an easy decision. He is at the top of his game. Plus he makes $4 million per year. He has "success" in the world's eyes. Yet, he is stepping down. He obviously sees that all this "success" isn't worth much if he doesn't have his health or his family to share it with.

I applaud Urban Meyer for making this decision.

Heading into this new year, this can be a great lesson for all of us who are driven personalities. Balance between work and life is so important. We must make time to live, laugh and love...and to rest and renew.

Carpe Diem!

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Chris Cree said...

My wife and I are working at laughing more this coming year. And yes I know that sounds like an oxymoron.

Somehow our lives are much less fun than they used to be. We've decided that we want some of that fun back. Life is too short and too wondrous to plod through it in drudgery.