Monday, September 20, 2010

Partnering With God

I am serving on the next team for the Walk to Emmaus in Northwest Ohio. This is a 72 hour spiritual renewal program based on Luke 2:13-35. It is truly an awesome experience.

During our team meeting yesterday in preparation for mid October's walk, our Spiritual Director shared that on his way to our meeting he passed by a church with "Will there be anyone in Heaven because of you?" on its sign. His immediate reaction was, "Of course not--that's up to God!"

As he thought more about this though, he began to see that it is up to God, but it is also up to us. What he meant is that, yes, it's God's deal, but He has chosen to work through us to do His will on earth. In other words, He wants to partner with us to do His work.

He went on to share that while God wants to partner with us, we are not to take this job on ourselves or try to force anything. Our role is to fully let go of our expectations, desires and motives and simply be willing to be used however the Lord would want to use us. This is easier said than done, especially for someone with the gift of leadership; however, it is what we are all called to do.

We must remember that, on an Emmaus team or in life, it is not about us. A part of the Emmaus Team's Canon sums it up well:

I am here only by God's grace; I am here only so that He might do His mighty acts through me--not because of me! I will not overstate or overemphasize my role during these three days by any work or deed!

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