Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Listening to God


I was in a meeting last week with someone, named Jessica, who was telling us how she shared a story to a group of young girls. This is how it went:

Imagine a little girl named Mary who has a friend over. All her friend does is talk about herself and her stuff. After a few hours of playing it's time for Mary's friend to go home. Not once does Mary's friend ask what Mary's feeling, or really anything about Mary.

How do you think Mary felt?

The girls who were listening to this story were totally engaged and they all said things like, "lonely" or "sad" or "not important."

Jessica then said, "Well, that's exactly how God must feel when we do the same thing to Him. We so often go to Him to tell Him all about us and our stuff and we rarely listen to Him."

Pretty good picture, huh? I think we all sometimes need to be taught like children - at least I do.

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