Monday, August 16, 2010

Bridge From God

I was in a meeting this morning with five other individuals in which we were talking about the possibility of something pretty cool happening in our region. We began the meeting by introducing ourselves and explaining a bit of what led us each to this point.

One of the guys (Matt) said that he is continually on the lookout for "bridges from God." He said that what we were about to discuss fit that description. Most people might consider it coincidences that brought us together. In his mind it was clear that God was up to something.

In Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby says that God wants one primary thing from us and that is intimacy with Him. He wants to be close to us. Once that intimacy is established He asks us to join Him where He is already at work. When Matt said he is constantly looking for bridges from God, this is what he's saying. He is looking for areas where it is clear that God is at work...and then he looks to join Him!

When you see something that might be labeled as a "coincidence," perhaps it might be better labeled as a "God-incidence" or a bridge from God and maybe God is inviting you to join Him.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like I have finally arrived - I got quoted in a blog right next to Henry Blackaby