Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Giving of Yourself

Many gifts were given and many received in our household this Christmas. However, one gift stood out to me this year.

My son Robbie (11), was contemplating what to get for his parents and his two sisters. He only had $25 which he had saved from his allowance money. This past weekend, he went upstairs and made cards for each of us on the computer. Then he came down and put envelopes with each of our names under our tree.

When it came time to open gifts, he proudly presented each of us with our envelope. Inside was a very thoughtful card along with some money. He gave me $5 and each of his sisters $5 and his mom $10. He had given everything he had to us.

That is the true spirit of Christmas. My son gets it. He put all selfishness aside and gave of himself fully this Christmas. How cool is that!

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