Thursday, August 23, 2007

Made to Work

In a marketing newsletter I subscribe to, an interview Jimmy Kimmel did with George Foreman was discussed. Jimmy asked George why he still worked - and worked so much - given that he was certainly wealthy enough not to, and still never sacrifice a desire.

George joked about his ten kids needing fed, but then his straight answer: "When I was washed up as a fighter and dead broke and nobody wanted me for anything, I told God that if I ever got another good job, then I'd never stop working, and I'm keeping my promise.

"I'm grateful and excited every morning when I get up to go to work because I can go to work. Working is what a man is to do. Work is honorable and noble."

Well said. I agree with George, and God does too (see the scripture below) - we were made to work. So let's decide to enjoy it and let our light shine for others to see!

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Genesis 2:15

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Rick Velich said...

Funny, I've been contemplating this whole retirement phenomena that our American culture gets so wrapped up in... saving for retirement so that we can do what WE want to do, when WE want to do it, and how WE want to do it, when we don't need to work to support our household any longer. It's a mostly selfish endeavor which, if and when I ever get to that point, I think that I will let GOD guide the what, when, and how of our retirement by serving him and others more fully than I am able to do so now with the added time that retirement may afford.

Great example, George. I am certain he is being a good steward and using what God has provided him for God's glory and not his own, as we all should be aspiring to do.