Thursday, November 29, 2007

Asking For Conflict

I read an article recently about a business owner named Sean Perich who started a business (Bakery Barn) five years ago that is now booming. The same management team has been in place over that time span, but he is now discovering that may be a problem.

"At a certain point, guts and hard work stop paying dividends," Perich admits. He says he now finds himself suffering from "good idea-itis"—a problem when none of his managers or directors were willing to curb his enthusiasm. "If I say, 'Let's spend time developing protein drinks,' they say, 'Great'—they won't question me," Perich says. He worries that time spent developing products like protein drinks and savory snacks has been a distraction—that perhaps Bakery Barn has strayed too far from what it does best: baking protein cookies.
What he is asking for is conflict. Not a fight, but someone to stand up to him, to challenge him, to hold him accountable and to help him be better. It takes someone who is pretty secure to admit this. He is a wise leader who knows his limitations and is looking for others to complete him, to make him better. (Go here to read the entire story).

When I evaluate myself, I feel I do OK at this in some areas of my life, but in other areas I don't do so hot--like at home. How are you at this?

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