Friday, November 02, 2007

Lion's Roar

No one could have predicted the turnaround the Detroit Lions have made this season. The season is only halfway done and they still have a long way to go, but anyone looking at this team knows there is something different going on.

In the Fellowship of Christian Athlete's monthly magazine Share the Victory, they reveal some of what is happening. One of the primary changes was that the team acquired quarterback Jon Kitna from the Cincinnati Bengals. Jon is known as a great Christian leader.

These are the words of team chaplain, Dave Wilson:

“When Jon came in, the entire locker room started to tilt toward his locker—his and Josh McCown’s,” said Wilson. “The thing that led people to want to hang out with him was joy. He was laughing all the time. He and McCown were playing games. There was just this joy factor that I don’t think most people see in Christians. I would walk in the locker room and everybody would be over by Jon. Even the loudest guys in the locker room were hanging out with Kitna. And I was like, ‘You know why they’re over there? Because they are attracted to joy.’”

It wasn’t long before that joy turned into camaraderie, which turned into team unity, which turned into a spiritual momentum that no one could have predicted.

We don't need to be on a football team to have the same impact on others. Let's live with a joy that is contagious--it can really make a difference!

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