Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Power Rangers

An article I just read in Promo Magazine discussed the ongoing popularity of the Power Rangers, who turn 15 this year.

The reason for their longevity?

"The brand has reached pop culture status by maintaining its core values of honesty, loyalty, teamwork and standing up for what's right," says Brenda Lynch, senior vice president, The Rogers Group, Bandai America's PR Agency. "These core values resonate as strongly as they did 15 years ago."

In this day of Hollywood and sports stars being glorified for their lack of values, it sure is refreshing to see this.


redletterbelievers said...

How many times do we see the word 'core values' in an organization, but really the only value is the pursuit of profit?

David Rupert

Jim Lange said...

So true David!

I also think this is true for individuals as well!

Jim Lange