Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wow You're Tall!

George Bell

I get that a lot—“Wow, you're tall!" Those of you who know me know that I am 6' 8" tall (or 5' 20" as I tell people). As a result, when I enter a public place like a restaurant, I see people whisper and then heads turn to look at me.

I suppose that might make some people self-conscious, but I like it. It is a great conversation starter.

I just read about the tallest person in the US, named George Bell. He has a great attitude about this. He is 7' 8" tall (a full foot taller than me!). Of how he feels about being tall, George said, "I have no choice but to like it."

He went on to give credit to his late great-aunt, Etonia Johnson, with his positive attitude: "She always told me, 'Don't feel ashamed of yourself. Stand tall. God made you. Be happy and show your pride.' "

What great words of advice for all of us, especially those who feel they are "less than" or don't measure up.

To read more about George, go here.

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