Monday, January 19, 2009


I think all of you can agree that we are living in different times. The same old way of doing things may not work anymore. As a result, changes will need to be made in some, if not many, areas of our lives.

The problem is...change is typically painful. Have you ever started lifting weights for the first time. How do you feel the next day? That's right, very painful. Yet, if you continue with the program, that pain will diminish and eventually go away altogether. That pain will also go away if you quit the program; however, you will not change and see any new results.

As a leader, helping other people to change can be very difficult. Change requires that people break out of their comfort zones...and we as humans, like to be comfortable so we resist. This short video (click on the purple box) gives some great pointers on helping others to change. I hope you enjoy!

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