Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have heard nothing but negative reports about our economy, even from optimists. These are indeed very scary times for many. I recently read an old email I received with some advice for us during the Christmas season that I thought would apply to us now. I have slightly modified this short article from Justin Pinkerman:

For managers concerned about Wall Street to soldiers patrolling the streets of Baghdad, peace would be a welcome visitor around here now. Economic reports showed a loss of 550,000 jobs in November alone. Literally millions of Americans are suffering from layoffs, salary reductions, and a depressed housing market. Thousands more are spending this winter stationed in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan or deserts of Iraq to protect America.

As leaders, we have the tremendous opportunity to be heralds of peace to our families, friends, and colleagues during this season. However, we won't convincingly deliver a message of peace if we're inwardly ruled by fear. Here are four ways to find peace during these turbulent times:

Let In...
The loved ones in your life.
Laugh together, cry together, share stories from the year. Take joy in being with the friends and family who care about you most. Now is not the time to barricade yourself in the office to plan for the coming months. Pause, reflect, and be reminded of what matters most on this earth - relationships.

Reach Out...
To those in need.
Brooding on our problems sinks us into the ugly muck of self-pity. To counteract self-pity, take intentional steps to bless another person in need. Donate toys or food to a local shelter. Visit a shut-in or take flowers to a nearby nursing home.

Strangely enough, you may find that being generous pulls you out of the dreariness of your circumstances. Focusing on another person's world takes your mind off of whatever may be wrong in your own. Giving our time and resources helps us to regain perspective on the most meaningful pursuit in life - blessing others.

Work Out...
Your body to counteract the nasty habit of overeating.
Don't compound your problems by adding pounds to your waistline. We have enough to fret about without worrying about being overweight.

Toning the body heartens the spirit. Our bodies are holistic - not compartmentalized. Staying in shape (or improving our shape) adds to our self-confidence and strengthens our resolve to deal with the challenges around us.

Look Up...
To heaven.
If you're a follower of Christ, make time to draw from the reservoir of comfort that can be found in Him. Spend time in prayer, and partake of the hope offered through Jesus.

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