Monday, January 26, 2009


Last Wednesday through Friday my wife and I attended the Call2All Congress in Dayton, Ohio. It was amazing!

One of the speakers in the business track talked about the importance of having "bumpers" in our life. He said that a bumper is like a bumper used in a bowling alley for kids to keep their ball out of the gutter.

In life, a "bumper" is someone you have given permission to to speak Truth into your life and to hold you accountable. It could be that you need to be bumped because of your eating habits, your lack of exercise, your looking lustfully at members of the opposite sex or spending quiet time with God.

This was a great analogy and I also believe we all should have bumpers in our life. This is tough, though, because having bumpers in your life will force you to change and to grow. Change and growth many times is painful. We might have to give up something that we really like. But, this is the path to true growth and fulfillment in life.

I feel so blessed to have a number of bumpers in my life. These are other men who pray for me, encourage me and speak the brutal truth to me. I had breakfast with one this morning and I have breakfast with another tomorrow.

Do you have bumpers? If not, I challenge you to seek them out and ask them to breakfast or lunch.

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