Friday, October 10, 2008

Axioms to Grind

This summer I was fortunate to have attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. This was our 4th year for attending and it is something I look forward to each year.

Bill Hybels delivered a couple of messages during the two-day conference and one dealt with axioms that he and others have used in their lives to help them to make tough decisions or to steady them during turbulent times. He listed several of his axioms and the axioms of other great leaders.

Here are a few axioms from Colin Powell:
  • Check your ego at the door
  • Promote a clash of ideas – “Who has a contrary opinion?” – will help you make a better decision
  • Reward of your best performers, get rid of non-performers – you cannot tolerate non-performance
Studying these axioms has been so powerful to Hybels that he wrote a book titled, Axiom, Powerful Leadership Proverbs.

I recently received an email with a link to a 3 minute movie that contains some other powerful axioms. Check it out here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! My husband and I went to this at our church too. It was awesome and life changing!!

And, as always, I leave you with a hearty GO BUCKS!

Check out the post on my blog about the game tomorrow. he he :D