Thursday, October 02, 2008


If I had to give you one word to describe the current state of our house right now it would be "disaster" or maybe "chaos." We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and in our front foyer. They haven't been redone in 10 years of so and they were looking pretty ragged.

We are at the tail end of having them sanded and refinished. As a result, all the stuff from our kitchen is in our dining room, living room and family room. This includes our refrigerator which proudly sits in the entry to our family room and our stove which is in the middle of our dining room.

This sort of environment stresses me out to no end. However, I do know it will be relatively and thankfully short-lived.

I was thinking this morning how this is very similar to our lives. We sometimes need some reconstruction or refinishing in certain areas of our lives. Going through that process can be painful and stressful. Yet, just like our floors, in the end the finished product will prove it is all worthwhile!


Crydo said...

Yay Jim!
It'll be worth it - anything good is worth the effort!

Jim Lange said...

Crydo, great to hear from you!

You're right, anything good is worth the effort. But going through our window to get in and out of our house is getting old. Picture a big goofy looking guy trying to squeeze through a window--not pretty!

I hope all is well with the Crydos!

ria said...

Speaking of reconstruction...

I think the badgers are going to have some facial reconstruction done after we messed them up tonight!


P.S. Wasn't that a nail-biter? Good game!!!!

Jim Lange said...

Ria, quite a are right! Hopefully the Bucks can build on this. They'll need to play much better in a few weeks when they play Penn State!

Have a great week!