Monday, November 03, 2008


In Saturday's Toledo Blade, an article appeared about Joel Osteen who was in Detroit last weekend. The popular preacher from Houston was in town speaking to a large group and promoting his wife Victoria's new book, Love Your Life.

Obviously this part of the country has been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. However, Osteen was being his optimistic self and preaching a message of prosperity which he says is very biblical.

Here are a few examples of “Osteenisms,” or words of encouragement, that Joel Osteen delivered at the Palace of Auburn Hills Oct. 24:

• “The Scripture says that God will prosper you in the desert. He said he’ll cause you to flourish even in a famine.”
• “You’ve got to believe that you can become everything God’s created you to be.”
• “I know maybe you’re thinking, ‘Well, Joel, I haven’t had a good year so far,’ but listen, you’ve got two more months left.”
• “You’ve got to get a vision on the inside. If you can see it on the inside, God can bring it to pass on the outside.”
• “It’s not enough to see it, you need to say it. What kind of words are coming out of your mouth?”
• “Every morning when I get out of bed, after I thank God for what he’s done, I just say it under my breath: ‘Something good is going to happen to me today.’ ”
• “Don’t let another day of your life go by that you’re not enjoying life. Someday may never come. You need to enjoy this day.”
• “Don’t make excuses. Make a decision.”
• “Even when it looks like there isn’t a way, God can make a way. God has a plan.”
• “God is getting you prepared and every day you’re faithful, every day you go to work and get there on time and give it your best, every day you do the right thing when the wrong thing is happening, that is a day that you’re passing the test. You’ve got to know that God has great things in your future. He is getting you prepared.”

Very good stuff! God does have great things in store for us!

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