Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Practicing The Presence

On Sunday at my church, Andrew, our Creative Arts Pastor delivered a message that was incredible. The focus of the message was to answer the question, "How can I fully live my life with God?"

A lot of what Andrew spoke about was taken from a 16th century monk named Brother Lawrence. There is a book out which is very good called The Practice of the Presence of God which is a collection of letters from Brother Lawrence. In the letters it is revealed how he went about seeing God in everything in his life, even the pots and pans he needed to wash.

The following is a summary of how Brother Lawrence suggests we practice God's presence:

1. Seek purity in our lives
2. Find or create triggers (eg. put a sticky-note on your computer or every time you stop at a red light, pray and connect with God)
3. Practice inviting Him in

Great questions to ask or things to tell Him when inviting Him in:
* God, where are you in this situation?
* God, what would you have me do in this situation?
* God, what would you have me see or learn through this?
* God, be with me in this, I give you all that I am.

4. Don't be discouraged when it "doesn't work"
5. Offer yourself fully to God - "God, I'm all Yours. Make me more like You!"

"Lord of the pots and pans and things, make me a saint by getting meals and washing the plates."
Brother Lawrence

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