Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Growing Spiritually

Kent Humphreys of Christ @ Work had this to say about how leaders grow in their spirituality:

Leaders Grow Spiritually in Four Ways: (1) by spending personal time with Christ in the Word and Prayer; (2) by observing the example of a mentor or role model, which is often done in one on one relationships or with a Counsel of Advisors; (3) by spending time in a Small Accountability Group; (4) by the encouragement of a family member or friend, which can be done one on one or in a large group. Note that this is the way that Leaders grow in their walk with Christ. This is not a mass production process, but is very time consuming and costly. Jesus knew that as He modeled His relationship with the Three and the Twelve.

How are you doing in each of these areas?

To read the rest of Kent's article, go here.

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