Friday, September 21, 2007

Oxygen Masks

I am involved in a men's group called Men's Fraternity. We meet every Friday morning at 6:00 to watch a 45 minute DVD and then break into groups for 45 minutes of discussion on how we can become the men God made us to be.

One guy this morning said that this sort of thing is very difficult for him - making time to try to be better. He said he feels guilty when it might take away from his family. I think many of us feel this same way - life just gets in the way. Spouses to spend time with and show love to; kids to hug, talk to, discipline; jobs to work; bills to pay; soccer games and practices to drive to...

When do we take time for us? We are so busy doing things for others, we get left behind.

On an airplane, one of the first things we are told is that in case of an emergency, when the oxygen masks come down, we are to put ours on first before assisting anyone else. If we were to pass out because we didn't take care of us first, we would not be able to help others.

Same as in life.

I know this sounds somewhat selfish but what I am talking about is actually very unselfish. We need to do what is necessary to be the best we can be before we can adequately help others. If we can do this, everyone wins.

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