Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enjoying The Journey

I have been one who has had a tendency to be very goal oriented in an unhealthy way. I would say, "As soon as this happens then I will be happy." Well, of course, even when that did happen, I would say, "OK, that happened, now as soon as this other thing happens, I will be happy."

As you can see, this is never ending...and pretty unhealthy.

God has really been working on me in this area and I have found myself enjoying the journey more and more. A small way that has been evident to me has been through some time I have spent in my car this week.

In NW Ohio and SE Michigan, I had read that because of the amount of rain we received and when we received it, the colors on the trees this fall would be incredible. Well, the colors are amazing. I have found myself just mesmerized by the trees as I have been driving. I find myself thanking God for the show He is giving me.

Enjoying the journey... Pretty cool stuff...for me at least.

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