Friday, January 04, 2008

Calm Leadership

One of the chapter titles in my book, Bleedership, Biblical First-Aid for Leaders is "Calm Leadership." No one I know of exhibits calm leadership better than Jim Tressel, head football coach at Ohio State.

In a reprint of an article in the Columbus Dispatch, I read this comment made by Doug Datish, a starting offensive lineman on last year's team:

"I don't know if it takes any pressure off, but I think it gives us that sense of--being able to watch him and learn from him over these past five years, it is something I admire about him and try to do myself, and I think other guys on the team try to do the same thing. And I think as you see him exuding that type of confidence and that calm he has about him, it is really something to marvel at, and something that really helps you out."

When you you as a leader act calm in the midst of a storm, it helps the whole team. I sure hope that is the case Monday night! Go Bucks!

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