Monday, January 21, 2008

Everyone Lies At Least Four Times A Day

LONDON — Far from being exclusive to hangover sufferers excusing themselves from work, being economic with the truth appears to be a way of life for just about everyone.

Each of us, according to a new survey by a British beverage firm, will tell an average total of 88,000 lies over the course of our lives.

According to the firm's poll of 2,500 men and women, "Nothing is wrong, I'm fine" tops what it says is a lengthy list of common lies.

That's 1,460 untruths a year or more than four in every day of an average, 60-year adult lifetime.

Other favorites include, "No, your bottom doesn't look big in that," to a wife or girlfriend; "Of course I love you," to a boring spouse or partner; and "This tastes delicious."

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When I read the headline of this article, I said, "Well that doesn't apply to me." Then when I read the article, I said, "Maybe it does. I do tell white lies from time to time."

So what do you think about telling "white" lies? Is this OK? If so, under what circumstances is it acceptable?


Rick said...

I don't think telling "white lies" (though I am guilty of it, probably on the 4x/day basis as noted in the article) is ok, but I do think there are appropriate or acceptable times to lie, such as when Rahab lied about the spies she was harboring/hiding.

Jim Lange said...

Good point on Rahab.

So if you think white lies are not OK, what do you say to your in-laws who give you a horrendous gift for your birthday? Or when your wife asks, "Does this make me look fat?"

I am remnded of the problems Jim Carrey faced in the movie Liar, Liar when he all of a sudden couldn't help but tell the truth.

Renee Drew said...

I, too, didn't think it applied to me, until after I read the article. I TRY to avoid white lies. For instance, if asked how a food tastes, instead of saying it's horrible, I find something about it that I like. I might say it's spicy, which I like, or the sauce is good. Almost anything good. If I feel I must comment on someone's appearance, I might compliment the color that person is wearing, or perhaps his/her smile or bright eyes. I mostly try to avoid that which might make the person feel bad.