Thursday, January 24, 2008

Under the Knife

I had surgery this morning to repair a hernia. The cool part of this was the fact that two of my nurses attend the same church I do. While Barb and Lisa were helping me, I was struck by the fact that they were both serving me, similar to the way Christ served others.

We talk a lot at CrossRoads about the fact that our workplace is really our mission field--which is so true. It was awesome for me to be able to see that in action today!

Thanks Barb and Lisa.


Rick said...

Ya know... a little notice on something like this would get ya a few extra prayers ya big goof! ;-)

I pray all went well and you are un-herniated and on the mend, my friend!

Love ya!

Jim Lange said...

You are right on 2 counts my friend. One, I am definitely a big goof. Two, I probably should have let more people know about this. Some people did know. I get caught between trying to not make it a big deal (making it about me) and trying to do it on my own (what Pastor Mark talked about a Sunday or two ago). In any event, my bad!

I would like prayer for a quick recovery, however. Rick, I appreciate you!

Rick said...

You got it. I appreciate you too, my big goof friend! ;-)