Saturday, February 23, 2008

47 - 4

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I coach my son's 5th & 6th grade basketball team. We played a game this afternoon against a team that is loaded with talent. We played hard but they were able to squeek out a win against us, 47 - 4.

That sounds pretty bad, but when you compare it to our first game against them when they beat us 54 - 8, it doesn't look quite so bad.

When I was watching the game from the sidelines, I was watching the skill level of the players on the other team versus ours. There was not even a comparison. The coaching on our team was probably lacking too! But when you are on the sidelines helplessly watching your team get thrashed, it is very humbling and very difficult. I know I need that from time to time (unfortunately more often than not), but it is very difficult to watch our kids get discouraged.

Nevertheless, our kids played hard and did manage to have fun. I am proud of them. They are all great kids! I am also happy for the other team, as they seem like great kids also--very talented, great kids.

One interesting thing happened after the game. I talked with one of the other two coaches and congratulated him. He sheepishly accepted it and said something like, "I'm sorry." He felt bad that we had to go through that. He said, "We just got the luck of the draw on players." Classy comment.

Then on my way out, I was talking with their other coach. I said, "Great game coach! You have some really good players on your team!"

He said, "Well, I like to think it has a little to do with coaching too."

Unfortunately, that comment left a bitter taste in my mouth. However, it was a great reminder to me about the importance of being humble.


Rick said...

A little humility definitely goes a long way. If I weren't so great, I'd display some every once in a while.

(I'm jesting for those of you reading this that don't know me! Jim does.)

Jim Lange said...

You are great my friend!