Thursday, February 21, 2008

Leadership With Integrity

Last night I led a session at our church on "Leadership With Integrity" among other topics. At the close of our time together we broke up into small groups to discuss the impact of leading with integrity and without.

One of the groups made an interesting observation. They said that in each of the situations they had experienced where a boss led with integrity, good people were attracted to their organization. In the cases where the leader did not have integrity, good people left.

It reminded me of a comment I heard at a leadership conference I attended last year. The speaker said something like this, "Healthy organizations will attract healthy people and unhealthy people will want to leave. Unhealthy organizations will attract unhealthy people and healthy people will want to leave."

How true this is.

As the group mentioned last night, one of the best ways to have a healthy organization, whether it be a family, business or church group, is to lead with integrity and by example!

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