Friday, February 29, 2008

Tell Me I'm Adored

As you probably know by now, my son Robbie and I went to see the Broadway show, The Lion King this past weekend. It was chock-full of leadership nuggets.

The last one I am going to share occurred when Scar took over the leadership role of the pride land after he killed the former king, his brother Mufasa.

Things were not going well, and Scar knew it. Yet, he didn’t understand why nobody loved or respected him. During the production, he sang a song titled, “Tell Me I’m Adored!”

He thought simply by being king, everyone would revere him. But that is not how leadership works.

People don’t follow and respect a leader because of his or her title, at least not willingly. They follow because of the people we are, who we are deep down.

Integrity, humility, a servant’s heart, unselfishness and compassion are the types of traits others desire in a leader. If you truly want to be respected as a leader and be able to be in a position to make a difference in others, these are things you need to have.

Everything rises and falls on leadership, and we are ALL leaders! I encourage you to be a student, to commit to continuously learning—read books, attend seminars and hang out with other leaders. Becoming a good leader is a process, not an event. Keep working at it!

By the way, to see a really cool trailer of the Broadway production of Lion King, click here.