Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Herding Cats

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I coach my son's 5th and 6th grade basketball team at our local YMCA. Last night was one of our practices and it was one I would like to forget.

Normally practices and games are fun, but ocassionally it is like herding cats. Last night was one of those nights.

Our team is not very good. We have a lot of good kids, but not a lot of basketball experience. All I ask of them is that they support and respect one another, listen and play as hard as they can. Unfortunately last night, not one of those things happened. Kids were bickering with each other, pushing each other, complaining that teammates won't pass them the ball...and most of this was going on when I was trying to teach them something.

I admit it, I was frustrated. There is a verse in the Bible which instructs fathers not to exasperate their children (Ephesians 6:4). I was wondering why there isn't a verse about teams not exasperating your coach.

I suppose God knows that we as parents or coaches (or leaders of any kind) are adults and need to set the example for our kids (or those we lead). We need to let the peace of God show in our lives. We need to lead by example. I failed last night but hopefully I learned something.


Rick said...

The beauty of this lesson Jim is, we always get another chance to do the biblical or Godly thing. God is good my friend! Thanks for stepping up and coaching, you got the first part right! ;-)

Jim Lange said...

Amen Rick! Thanks for the encouragement! Thankfully our God is a God of second chances. And in my case, third chances, fourth chances, fifth chances...