Monday, February 25, 2008

Lion King

My family and I have had the opportunity in the past to see the Broadway production The Lion King a couple of times, once in Toronto and another time in Cleveland. It is truly fantastic.

When I heard it was coming to Toledo, I asked my family if they wanted to go again. The only one who said yes was my son, Robbie. So, the two of us went last night.

Once again, it was incredible. Though I have seen this twice before, I was still amazed at the incredible talent that was on display. Several times I was so in awe that I had tears in my eyes.

I think I am so moved by displays like this because it shows the incredible power of God. It also speaks of His great love for us, that he would provide talent like this to entertain us.

The other interesting thing that struck me was how there are so many different parts to play in this production. Some were musicians tucked under the stage out of sight, some acted as grass, some had to walk on 4 stilts to play a giraffe, while others played the lead roles, like Scar, Simba and Rafiki.

Regardless of what each person did, everyone had a key part to play. Just like life. Each of us has an important part to play. You may be in the spot light or you may be performing in the shadows. But no matter what, your part is critical.

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