Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A friend of mine named Stu uses a phrase with me and others regularly, "Glory to God!" He even signs his emails and notes with "GTG" at the bottom.

Some may find this strange, but if you know Stu, he means it. He is a great example.

I witnessed some other great of examples of this over the weekend at the Passion Conference Molly and I attended in Atlanta.

It seemed that every time after Louie Giglio or Francis Chan spoke, they would get off the stage somehow before the crowd could applaud for them. They did not want the adoration and the applause because they wanted it to go to God.

The Chris Tomlin Band, David Crowder Band and Charlie Hall's band were the same way. The spotlights would go off of them at the end of their songs so that the focus and applause was not on them. Very cool.

I have to admit I am one who likes applause. When I was growing up, I liked being praised more by my parents than corrected. When I played basketball, I certainly liked hearing claps rather than boos. When I write or speak, I like to hear that people liked what I had to say. This saddens me but it is true. That is why Stu's example and the things I witnessed this weekend were so powerful to me.


Rick said...

Great observation, Jim. Glory to God for you for recognizing it. That's why I feel uncomfortable when people praise me for a song. I usually try to defer the praise to God.

Glad you had a good time at the conference and that the Lord spoke into your life through it. I was praying for you and Molly and Bruce and Alana.

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Rick!

When you get praise for a song, I do think you need to accept some for your obedience to Him and for using the gifts and talents He has given you rather than sitting on the sidelines. Obviously it is very easy to go overboard though on seeking praise which is something I need to check in myself constantly.

Thanks so much for your prayers, especially when you had a few things going on this past weekend (at least 26.2 things!).

You're awesome and I so appreciate you!