Wednesday, April 30, 2008

People On The Bus

Jim Collins writes in his best-selling book, Good to Great, that great companies all do something when it comes to hiring people. Before they do anything, they make sure they have the "right people on the bus." He says they do this even before they know where the "bus" is going because they know that the success of the organization depends on having good people.

I have had a chance to witness this first-hand. I have been privileged to be able to serve as the chairman of the 19th annual Northwest Ohio National Day of Prayer Breakfast this year which happens tomorrow morning. It has truly been a great experience, probably because of the team that has been serving with me.

Yesterday I received an email from one of the team members telling me that I have been a good leader for this committee. I have to admit, that felt good. You see, I like praise (that is one of my big problems that I know God is working on in me). However, in this case, I really didn't feel like the praise was deserved.

I don't think I did much from a leadership perspective because the group was so good. I knew that if someone said they were going to do something, it would be done. They made my job easy. So any praise really needs to go to God for assembling such a neat group of people.

I have heard coaches in the college and pro ranks say, "Good players help me to be a good coach." Well that same thing holds true in any leadership position. This prayer breakfast experience has really shown me how truly important getting the right people on the bus is!

By the way, Ray Hilbert from Truth At Work is our featured speaker. I am looking forward to God doing some great things tomorrow!


Rick said...

I understand your wishing to serve with humility, but unsolicited affirmation is important for us as well, if for no other reason than to know we are doing a good job. From what I know of you, you consistently give God the credit in all the things He is orchestrating in and through your life. You are, I feel, one of the humblest servants I know Jim. May God bless your and your teams efforts tomorrow. I am sorry I was not able to accept the invitation.

Jim Lange said...

Rick, thank you yet again for encouraging me! You are an awesome brother! Thanks for being you!