Friday, May 02, 2008

God Was In The House!

Wow! Yesterday's prayer breakfast went great thanks to the incredible team who helped to put the event together. We had a packed house - the event was sold out and God was definitely present!

The team put together an amazing 3 minute video about God and the fact that His work in the Toledo area is not done - the best is yet to come. You can view that here.

Al Caperna and Jody Alexander shared some inspiring scripture verses and prayer about the 7 mountains of influence in our society that was very powerful.

Ray Hilbert (pictured above) from Truth At Work tied it all together with some words of wisdom that all of us needed to hear about how our work, no matter what it is we do, has significant purpose. He shared that our feelings about work comes from our attitude. He said that if we had an attitude of gratitude, that could change our entire outlook.

So do you feel you HAVE to go to work or that you GET to go to work?

God also met and blessed me yesterday in some amazing ways. One way was through my part in the program. For the last 20 minutes or so, I had the opportunity to share my testimony and then the Gospel message. When talking about John the Baptist, I accidentally referred to him as Moses. When told of this after the event, I didn't believe that I had actually said that. But after confirming it with others, I was immediately humbled. It just proves once again that God can use us no matter how much we mess up!

Another way God met me was in a meeting I had with Ray Hilbert after the event where we just shared our lives with each other for a couple of hours. Every now and then I will meet someone who it seems like I have known forever - we really make a connection. This was one of those times. God really spoke to me through Ray and I am extremely grateful for that!

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