Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dream On

My 12 year-old son Robbie has a tendency to shy away from trying new things. This includes food and activities.

I would venture a guess that 95% of the time (and I'm being conservative) when he tries something new to eat, he likes it...a lot. This after telling us over and over, "Yuck, I hate that."

Getting him to try something to eat is much easier than getting him to try some activity for the first time. For years, the first basketball practice was a real challenge. I would literally have to take him kicking and screaming to practice...and I have always been his coach! Then once he got there, he had a blast.

This past year I have been talking with him a lot about the discovering the gifts God has given him. I have noticed that he has this ability to entertain others. When I have eaten lunch with him at school, I have noticed all his classmates tend to ask him questions so they can hear what he has to say. Then they will laugh most of the time.

He had an opportunity to be a part of a lip synch performance at his school. My wife and I encouraged him to enter. At first he said he didn't want to. Then, finally he did. He decided to do "Dream On" by Aerosmith (he has gotten into classic rock lately--which I'm loving!).

The performance was today. As Connie and I watched the performances leading up to his, I have to admit, I was wishing I didn't encourage him to do this. I thought it was going to be embarrassing. I was praying that God would use this to encourage him in his gifts, but I still lacked some faith.

When his turn came, he took the stage in his wig and toting his Guitar Hero guitar. I admit, I am a little biased, but he brought the house down. It was hysterical and he obviously had a lot of fun.

The video is posted above. Unfortunately, I was unable to get as close as I would like so you can't really see his face too well, but you can get a feel for how he did.

Robbie has agreed that he wants to find his gifts and use them for God's purposes. Yet, this was hard. But he did it. He tried something new, he did his best and he did it for God. I am very proud of him!

We can all learn from my son. What has God gifted you at? Are you using that to glorify Him?


Renee Drew said...

Great job, Robby! Bet you're really really glad your hair isn't that long in real life!

Rick said...

Great job, Robbie!

I'm STILL trying to figure out and employ what God has gifted me in.