Monday, June 02, 2008

Carpe Diem - Part II

Last night my very talented daughter Molly graduated from high school. This not only makes me feel old...but extremely proud. She didn't just graduate. She graduated Magna Cum Laude! This is the highest any Lange that I know of has ever graduated. Mol, you are the best--I love you!

If that wasn't enough. My other daughter Kristin (pictured above with Molly) is celebrating her 20th birthday today. Happy birthday Kristin, I love you! You also are awesome!

Ughhhhh! I can't be that old am I? One more reminder that our lives are but a mist--here today and gone tomorrow.

Carpe Diem!


Rick said...

Ahem... yes... you are old, dude. I still love you though... after you get the dust blown off yerself.

Congratulations, Molly!! That's so awesome. I didn't realize she was such a fart-smeller... err, smart-feller.

Happy birthdays Robbie and Kristin!! Woot!

*Sniff* Moment of sadness in the growing or our childrens out of childhood. Next year at this time, I will have my first graduating (hopefully) from high school.

Rick said...

p.s. - You need ice for Molly's party?

Rick said...

whichever... - *Sigh* You have such beautiful daughters, Jim. So glad they take after Connie in that regard. :)

Jim Lange said...

Rick, yes, I totally forgot about you and your ice! You da man!

We would love all the ice you can spare.

In regard to Kristin and Mol taking after their mother when it comes to looks, I could not agree more!

Thanks bro!