Monday, June 16, 2008


Did you see the end of the final round of the US Open Golf Tournament? It was incredible.

I was traveling so I didn't gt to watch any of it until the final group was on hole 17. When I tuned in, Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood were one shot behind the leader, Rocco Mediate. Both parred 17 and went to 18 needing a birdie four on the par five hole to tie and force an 18 hole playoff on Monday.

Both players hit their tee shots in a fairway bunker. Then they both advanced their 2nd shots toward the green with Westwood's lying in the fairway and Woods' in the deep rough. Tiger hit an amazing shot to within 20 feet or so and Westwood also was about that distance after his third. Westwood missed his putt and Tiger made his.

I, along with the rest of the golfing spectators, was not surprised. Tiger had battled his sore knee (he is recovering from recent knee surgery) all week, yet he was right there, in the hunt. On the final hole he faced all sorts of adversity (bunker, rough) yet, he managed to do what he needed to do.

During the round they showed a clip of Tiger with his dad. It showed his dad doing all sorts of things to try to get into Tiger's head...things like dropping his bag in the middle of Tiger's swing. His dad went on to say that there would not be another golfer who was more mentally ready to play than Tiger. Preparation.

On Sunday, Mark Cryderman delivered an incredible message at CrossRoads. He taught on the importance of character. He told us that tough times will come (Jesus promises that in John 16:33). So, like Tiger Woods, we must prepare and build our character so that we are ready to face these challenges when they come.

By the way, though I have a great deal of respect for Tiger and his work ethic, I'll be rooting for Rocco Mediate as I have a soft spot in my heart for underdogs.


Rick said...

It was a very good message to start a very good day. Hope you had a great Father's Day as well cause, well, you're a great father.

Jim Lange said...

Thanks Rick - right back at ya!