Monday, June 23, 2008


In my men's group meeting Friday morning, a guy in our group told of a funeral he attended earlier in the week. It was for a friend of his who was in his mid 40s.

He said that as he looked into the casket at his friend's face, he reflected on the life his friend had led. It was a difficult life full of turmoil and pain. He said his friend had made some poor choices. It struck him that his friend could no longer make any changes in his life to get back on course.

Walking out of the funeral home, he said he realized that though his friend no longer had the chance, he had the opportunity to make course corrections in his life. He has been going through some very difficult times and he had been proceeding down this path of improving his situation prior to this, but this whole event helped to drive the point home. He said he knows that God has a plan in all his pain and he is going to lean into Him and get through this.

We all have that choice. We can choose to let life's circumstances control us, or we can choose to lean into God and know that He has our best interests at heart.

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