Friday, June 27, 2008


On Wednesday of this week I was leading a weekly discussion on leadership at one of my consulting clients. We are going through John Maxwell's latest book, Leadership Gold.

During our study, we were asked in which of three different areas that were discussed do we need the most work. That was an easy answer for me so I said, "patience."

Little did I know that I would be tested so quickly on this.

I have been operating on an old laptop which had been showing signs of dying. I took the plunge and recently purchased a new model.

Well, yesterday was my day to load up the software and get it functional. Easier said than done.

I spent the majority of the day doing on-line chats with customer support for a couple different software programs that I could not get to work properly. I was exasperated and not worth a darn to anyone. It really took its toll on me and I am still feeling that way this morning, kind of in a funk.

That'll teach me to say I need to work on patience. I've heard Joyce Meyer say that whenever you pray for patience, you will be put in some places where you will need it. I guess that's true.

But, the computer is working! And I know that I still need lots of work!


Rod said...

Shoulda bought a mac.



Jim Lange said...

Then, knowing me, I'da had 2 days wrapped up in it trying to get new software up and running!