Monday, June 30, 2008

A Magical Night

On Friday, our family of 5 went to Detroit to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers take on the Colorado Rockies. The entire evening could not have been better.

First, we arrived in Detroit just after a huge rain storm and we remained dry the remainder of the night.

Second, though we were the second row from the top of the stadium, we had great seats close to home plate.

Third, the Tigers played great and won 7-1.

Fourth, the fireworks after the game were incredible.

Fifth, and probably most important, we had a blast together as a family. I kept thanking God for this night. With my two oldest girls now 20 and almost 18, I was wondering how many more moments like this we would get to share as a family.

I did not hear one complaint or any bickering between our kids the whole evening (Connie and I were a different matter – ha ha). They got along so well and we all laughed often.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was our ride home late in the evening. We were all tired and a little punchy so we started telling “no arms and no legs” jokes. Yes, this sounds somewhat heartless. I can assure you we meant no disrespect to those with disabilities. We were simply having fun…and a lot of it. So if you are disgusted that we would say such things, please don’t read any further.

Here is a sampling of some of the jokes we told and made up on our ride home:
What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs…

…in the ocean? Bob
…hanging on the wall? Art
…in the mailbox? Bill
…on the front door step? Matt
…in a bun? Frank
…riding a bicycle? Rex (think about it)
…in a pile of leaves? Russel
…in a pot of boiling water? Stu

This is just a small sampling. But the greatest part of it all was the laughter that was shared among us. What a gift! Thank you Lord!

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