Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gas Prices

On Tuesday of this week, my daughter Kristin called me to tell me that gas was going up by about $.30 a gallon. Her call was very timely as my car was running on fumes. I left my office and found a gas station that had not changed their prices yet. I then waited in line...for gas priced at $3.67 per gallon. I never thought that would ever happen!

As I was pumping gas, several others around me were talking with each other and complaining about the price of gas. Everyone seemed in agreement that this was absolutely terrible. Most seemed to be in a really bad mood as a result.

In my post yesterday I talked about someone I know who always seems to be in a good mood. The reason for this is she chooses to be this way in spite of her circumstances.

A way to do this is to realize that our situation (no matter how bad it is) is not as bad as it could be. I think there are millions of other people around the world who would like to be where we are, even with our negative circumstances. Do you think there are people in Myanmar and China who have lost everything in their recent disasters who wouldn't trade their situation for our "terrible" high gas prices?

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