Monday, May 19, 2008

Shout Praise, Whisper Criticism

On Sunday, I was asked to give a brief commercial to our congregation about the Willow Creek Leadership Summit at both of our church services. I was happy to do this because this is something I am pretty passionate about.

Everything seemed to go pretty well during our run through at 8 AM. Then at 9, during first service, it again seemed to go well. In between services, Emily (our worship arts leader) came to me and said, "Jim, you did awesome. However, can you go up there a little earlier during next service?" "Of course," I said.

Then I was approached by Denise, who runs the production team. She said, "Jim, you did great! However, can you put the microphone right up next to your mouth during 2nd service? People will be able to hear you better if you do that." I said, "Sure."

As I reflected on these exchanges, I was struck with how Emily and Denise both practiced something that a mentor of mine, the late John Savage, used to say. He would constantly remind me that in order to be an effective leader you must "shout praise and whisper criticism."

Thanks Emily and Denise for practicing this and reminding me of its importance!

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Rick said...

I need to put this principle into practice with my children. You're right, Emily and Denise are awesome examples of doing this and GREAT encouragers.