Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I am a former athlete. As a result, I like to win and in fact I might be a little too competitive at times. Most athletes I know are this way.

However, last night I heard something that was pretty cool from a premier athlete in his prime. Jon Kitna, the quarterback for the Detroit Lions was the speaker at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes dinner last night in Toledo.

I learned that he is only one of 10 quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to have thrown for over 4,000 yards two seasons in a row - pretty elite company. Yet, he was very humble and he delivered a great message.

Before his talk, the MC for the evening asked him some questions. One question had to do with his most memorable season. He said that was easy, it was during his time with the Cincinnati Bengals when they went 3-13. He said that even though it was a very frustrating year on the field, he saw lives changed. 18 people from that team along with family members dedicated their lives to Christ that season and he watched as all 18 were baptized. He said that was the most fulfilling season for that reason.

Wow! Here is a guy who has life in perspective. I needed to hear that last night.

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