Thursday, April 03, 2008

Workplace Bullies

Did you see this? The senate democrats have introduced a bill to outlaw bullying of workers by bosses in the workplace. (To read the article, click here).

My first reaction is that this can't possibly work. How will they determine what bullying is? Where will they draw the line? To me, any legislation like this would be a very slippery slope that would eventually hurt businesses.

Before you think I am pro-bullying, you must know that I suffered at the hands of a workplace bully for over a year and a half. In fact, it was so bad it led me to write Bleedership, Biblical First-Aid for Leaders.

I am anything but pro-bullying. I am just not a believer in government trying to fix things like this as I believe that creates more problems.

I am a firm believer that as leaders, we need to follow the ways of the great leaders of the Bible. The likes of Jesus, Moses, David, Joseph and Paul (and many others) can teach us much.

The fact that this legislation is even being discussed is sad. But it indicates there is a definite need for leaders to lead in a godly way.

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