Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Morph

Last night we concluded a session at our church called The Life You Always Wanted which is a study based on the book by John Ortberg.

The study lasted six weeks and began by setting a goal for us to live a life of spiritual transformation. John Ortberg mentioned in a video that his son was a big Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan and that they are a good role model for us as they used to say, "Let's morph!" He went on to say that that should be our battle cry as well.

A few days ago I talked about making Jesus famous in everything we do (see 26:8). That is really what spiritual transformation is all about. Many times when we think about spiritual transformation we think about the "big" things. However, last night we learned that this transformation needs to also happen in the little things. Ortberg shared this in the conclusion of our study last night:

Consider how we would do these things differently if we did them in Jesus' name:
  • We could wake up in Jesus' name. When the alarm clock goes off, instead of thinking anxious or regretful thoughts we could rest in the assurance that God controls the day and sustains us!
  • We could greet God first thing in the morning and invite Him to go through the day with us.
  • We could greet people in Jesus' name. We could notice them, look right at them, and listen to them.
  • We could drive in Jesus' name--if we dared!
  • We could watch television and movies in Jesus' name, not watching so much that it begins to create a disordered heart.
  • We could do chores in Jesus' name, offering them as gifts to God.
  • We could view our coworkers in Jesus' name--considering them to be valuable people, praying for them, being genuinely interested in their lives and families.
  • We could spend money in Jesus' name.
I think you get the idea...Let's morph!

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