Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

I just had breakfast with a friend of mine who was just let go last month from the company he had been with for 30 years. The reason I bring this up is that he could be bitter and he could be wallowing in his pity. He could be doing nothing but complaining. He could say, "I'm 60 years old and out of work. Who's going to want to hire me?"

But he's not saying that or thinking that.

He said when he was escorted out of the building he was angry and hurt. But he also said he went into action shortly thereafter, contacting people, networking, putting feelers out.

One month later, he has four opportunities in front of him. He has no idea where he is headed, but he now has hope. All because he took action. Because he did something, God is opening up doors for him.

I recently heard Joyce Meyer say, "We need to do what we can do so that God can do what we can't do." We must take action, especially when adversity strikes. This action first and foremost should be prayer, then go as the Lord leads you.

Watch this short video for some great examples of others who didn't let their tough circumstances weigh them down.

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