Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teamwork - Part III

The past two days I have shared about teamwork. I did not intend to do it a third day in a row, but I must.

I had an incredible day yesterday. We conducted a couple of private briefings for Truth At Work, a ministry I am helping to bring to NW Ohio and SE Michigan. We had over 70 Christian business owners and leaders in for the two meetings to learn about Truth At Work.

I was humbled and literally brought to tears when I saw all of the help I was receiving:

  • Ray and Matt, the 2 co-founders of Truth At Work came to Toledo from Indianapolis to lead the briefings
  • One of their members, the owner of ServantHR took a day and a half away from his business and his family to come share about how much Truth At Work has helped him
  • Many incredible leaders in the Toledo area (Al, Jim, Ed, Clint and others) have stepped up to help me by introducing me to others, giving me words of encouragement and praying for me
  • Bob Borcherdt, a former teammate of mine at UT and president of Midwest Paper Specialties, not only let me use his facility for the meetings, but he had employees of his park quite a distance from the entrance so as to free up parking spaces. Two of his sons (college and high school age) were there bright and early to help with parking. He also had members of his staff helping with room setup, etc...
  • Two women from the Greater Toledo House of Prayer shared with me that they had been praying for me since they heard about this and they feel led to continue to pray for me, Truth At Work and the business community in this region.
  • My good friend Rod, who was extremely busy, yet found time to come and help with registration in the morning.
  • My wife Connie (who is not a morning person), got up early and picked up the bagels, coffee and such by 6:45 AM. Then she cheerfully helped get everything organized and registered the guests.

And I have missed countless others who have encouraged, prayed for me and supported me.

All of this truly humbles me. I feel so blessed to have such an incredible group of people helping me, loving me and supporting me. What a great team! Thanks Lord!


Jim said...

great job yesterday Jim and you surely have a great gift and talent for bringing great people together. Keep it up and I wish you the very best.

Jim Lange said...

Jim, thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate you coming yesterday and I am very thankful for your support. I hope to see you tomorrow morning!

ria said...

Woo Hoo ... 43-0 Buckeyes! :D

(...and THAT team lost to Utah! HAHAHA)