Thursday, August 07, 2008

Suing God

Have you ever been mad at God? I know I have, plenty of times. What do you do when you're mad at Him? Do you yell at him? Do you keep it inside and stew about it? Or do you calmly talk it over with Him?

Being mad is nothing new. It happened many times in the Bible. In fact, many of the Psalms are written in anger toward God. However, they almost always end up praising Him by the end of the psalm.

It is OK to show your anger to God. Besides, He already knows about your anger even before you tell Him about you might as well be real.

This is taking it to a different level though. A state senator in Nebraska is so mad at God that he is suing Him. Read more here.


Rick said...

Hope he has a good lawyer cause the defendant has the best.

Jim Lange said...

Amen to that!