Monday, September 08, 2008

A Higher Perspective

This past Saturday, my son and I attended the Ohio State game versus Ohio University with our new pastor at CrossRoads, Dean Angell and his son.

I am so blessed to have season tickets for these games. I request that I get tickets in C Deck in Ohio Stadium, which is the upper deck. I like it up there because you can see everything, even stuff that happens on the other end of the field (the above picture of my kids shows the perspective we have at games).

Dean mentioned during his message on Sunday that while he was at the game, he noticed that he could see plays opening up like never before. He said this was due to a different, higher perspective. From this vantage point he could see so much more of what was happening on the field than sitting down lower.

He continued and said that the same is true in life. God has a much higher perspective and clearer picture of our lives than we ever could. So let's remember to go to Him regularly to guide us and help us with the decisions we must make.

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