Monday, July 05, 2010


Brian Keel, a friend of mine who serves in upper level management at our local YMCA, publishes a weekly devotional which is always inspirational and thought provoking (if you would like to sign up to receive these via email, please email him and request that here). The one I received last night was no exception. Here is what he had to say:

I sat on my patio on the evening of July 3rd and watched four different sets of fireworks play out in the night sky. Some were far away; some were obscured by the trees in the corn field beyond the fence. I could only hear two of them at all. The show was diverse…I didn’t have to fight crowds or traffic…and food and beverage were only a few steps away. But did I really get the best firework experience possible?

The answer must be “no”. I didn’t really experience the fireworks… I merely dabbled. Dabbling keeps us at the fringe of an issue...far from the joyful experience of diving in full force. Fireworks are best viewed up close where the colors are most vivid, the reverberations felt and not just heard. Up close where the exclamations of those around us increase our own appreciation for what is going on.

“Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the LORD your God.”
1 Chronicles 22:19

God is best experienced in the same way. We should not just dabble around the edges enjoying the show from the comfort of our easy chair. We should jump in with both feet. Embrace the saving grace of his son Jesus. Study his word on a regular basis. Participate in worship with others. Pray and listen for his answers. God meant for us to experience his full measure of greatness up close and personal. The reverberations in your life will be felt and not just heard!

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